Simon Bornhoft

What Simon says about himself: "20 years dedicated to excellence and effectiveness in coaching all levels to reach their potential. A unique blend of enjoyable skills training, isolating core skills and creating an enjoyable rewarding atmosphere! with the sole aim of helping you understand and learn what works for YOU!" 
Books, numerous magazine articles, TV, clinics, he works hard at teaching windsurfing to all levels. Thanks to Boards for sharing the articles below. 
Simon is the author of the RYA Intermediate and Advanced Windsurfing Guides.
The video "live lessons" will give you a feel for what he teaches in his articles.
His Windwise Website:

WindWise Series 1: 5 articles below, in the order originally published in Boards. All articles written by Simon Bornhoft; photographs by Karen Bornhoft.
1. WindWise: Kill or Cure?!?

...explores the counterintuitive moments in windsurfing...



2. WindWise: Help or Hinder?

If you’ve been overwhelmed when waterstarting, confused when cornering or dunked when duck-gybing, there’s a high chance that you might have been fooled by a counterintuitive moment! ...explores those instances when our natural instincts hinder progress.

3. WindWise: Let It Be…

...a very common counterintuitive moment that affects us every time we rotate our rigs at the end of a transition...


4. WindWise: Sheet Out!

In the penultimate feature of the series...looks at a very counterintuitive action that influences waterstarting, non-planing and planing gybes, duck gybes and waveriding...


5. Windwise: Summer Session 

...identifies a counterintuitive eureka moment that enables beginners and intermediates to master helicopter tacks, and links the same theme into the granddaddy ofcounterintuitive moments, the forward loop...

WindWise Series 2: 7 articles below, in the order originally published in Boards. All articles written by Simon Bornhoft; photographs by Karen Bornhoft.
1. WindWise with Simon Bornhoft: Make Your Move!
This new series gives us the best possible method to achieve the ‘stock moves’. A self-coaching, run-by-run methodology and specific skills training for land and water will get you well on your way to making your moves!
2. WindWise with Simon Bornhoft: Gybing Pt 1
...breaks key transitions down into component parts to dramatically speed up the understanding, training time and probability of actually MAKING YOUR MOVES!
 3. WindWise with Simon Bornhoft: Gybing Pt 2
...strongly suggests working on these skill and move enhancing drills, which will help you MAKE YOUR MOVE while having a great time on the water!
4. WindWise with Simon Bornhoft: Duck-Gybe
Can’t gybe? Don’t worry, you stand a very decent chance of duck-gybing! Simon Bornhoft breaks down this seemingly elusive ‘trick’ to make it achievable – regardless of your level.
5. WindWise with Simon Bornhoft: Swift Exits
As winter tightens its grip we all want to spend what time we can blasting over the cooler water rather than submersed in it. Simon Bornhoft offers some crucial skills and drills to ensure speedier waterstarts.
6. WindWise with Simon Bornhoft: Mega Manoeuvrability
With deep winter on its way Simon Bornhoft looks at a fun, dynamic, body warming windsurfing exercise with great added value.
7. WindWise with Simon Bornhoft: Jump!
To complete his Make Your Move series Simon Bornhoft looks at some inspiring training methods to start, improve and master your jumping skills

Feasible Freestyle with Simon Bornhoft: The Action Plan
Get your freestyle going.

Feasible Freestyle with Simon Bornhoft: Downwind 360 Principles

First off, it’s not a ‘circular’ turn from reach to reach. It’s a mega-fast, ultra broad reach, with a delayed (at the beginning) and then very prolonged ultra low rig drop (through to the very end). The carving is very gentle at first and then incredibly aggressive in the last half, creating a very hooked, tight ending where the board whips round the last 120 degrees, virtually within its own length.

Bodywise Series 1: 3 articles below, in the order originally published in Boards. All articles written by Simon Bornhoft; photographs by Karen Bornhoft.
Bodywise with Simon Bornhoft: Shifting & Switching

...reveals how our body mechanics determine if we can or can’t move our feet for tacks and gybes.

Bodywise with Simon Bornhoft: Rule Breakers
...looks at when technique, form and normal perceptions go against conventional wisdom.
Bodywise with Simon Bornhoft: Your action Plan
To finish off his expose on how the windsurfing body works, Simon Bornhoft summarises the key performance enhancing actions for you to try the next time you hit the water.

Bodywise Series 2: 5 articles below, in the order originally published in Boards. All articles written by Simon Bornhoft; photographs by Karen Bornhoft.
Bodywise With Simon Bornhoft: Part 1
In this series Simon Bornhoft reveals the secrets of windsurfing body mechanics. How we angle, hold, reposition and ‘mould’ our body on a board has an immediate impact on our sailing...we need to apply specific forces to become more purposeful, efficient, controlled and dynamic on a board…
Bodywise With Simon Bornhoft: Part 2: I Like The Way You Move!
...we can use our body most effectively to create controlled acceleration and make better use of the rig’s power in marginal situations.

Bodywise Part 3 with Simon Bornhoft: The Point of Pressure!

...effective use of our body when we seek to gain control and cope with rapid acceleration.

Bodywise Part 4: Look, Lean and Lever we can increase our ability to commit to transitions and create maximum leverage over our kit.

Bodywise Part 5 with Simon Bornhoft: Flexing, Folding and Falling our body position has a massive impact on our strength and control over a rig.

Beginner Series: 3 articles below. Photos: Windwise / Karen Bornhoft. Words: Simon Bornhoft
1. SB’s BoardWise – Beginners’ Board Guide
When you’re ready to buy, select a board that offers long-term potential for your needs and aspirations, but isn’t too challenging to sail. In basic terms, boards are of similar length, but they vary more in width and volume...
2. SB’s KitWise – Beginners’ Set-Up Guide
Last time we considered board style and volume choices, so now it’s time to look at kit setup...
3. SB’s What Next? WindWise Beginners’ Guide
Simon Bornhoft, offers some wise words on what beginners should be focusing their precious time on…