Contest - competition - battle - chase - pursuit - event. This is windsurfing's biggest race, an annual event in Gruissan, France.
RS:X Class  The Olympics rate as the world's most important competition.
The RS:X came about as a result of a successful bid by NeilPryde WIndsurfing to supply one design windsurfing equipment for the 2008 Olympic Games in China. The RS:X was designed in 2004 and went into production in 2005. Neil Pryde RS:X
The RS:X design features a high technology rig, with carbon mast and boom, a ‘wide-style’ board that merges modern windsurf board design with a centreboard, thus enabling competitions to he held in virtually any condition from 3 to 30 knots. . Two sail sizes are available for competitors. Men use a 9.5m sail while women and youth use an 8.5m sail. The sail, rig and board have been designed in conjunction with each other in order to to ensure a high level of design synergy.
2012 Olympics: RS:X Men Medal Race
2012 Worlds: RS:X Women Medal Race
The Formula Windsurfing Class   During the late 90's a whole new concept of boards and sails became available on the market. These early planing boards with big sails made it possible to have "funboard-type" competition in a wider range of windspeeds, with planing races from 7knots. The concept of Formula Windsurfing was born in France, who successfully pioneered Formula competition in 1998. On March 24,1998,  the first Formula Windsurfing contest was held in Brest, France with the top 20 French funboard sailors. During the 4 day competition, ten races were held in winds of 6 to 12 knots. The event was won by Erik Thieme on a 2.75 m.  board powered by a 10.0sq.m. sail.
FW 2012 World Championship Liepaja, Latvia
San Francisco   Home to the strongest Formula fleet in the U.S. CalCup is fully commited to helping develop the next generation of windsurf racing champions. Juniors are always welcome at CalCup race dates, and there are frequently targeted clinics specially for juniors.
St. Francis Yacht Club Friday Race Series, May 2011


Formula Windsurfing Tips & Techniques by Steve Sylvester, 2007 Formula National Tour Champion, multiple time formula american tour champion and one of the most technical formula windsurfing sailor in the USA . Enjoy his tipsReaching | Upwind | Downwind | Safety | Kit tuning



Follow the Winds chronicles race and competiton culture.
 U.S. Windsurfing supports a National Racing Tour from January thru December every year. The highlight of this tour is the national championship regatta.
2012 US Windsurfing National Champioship - Hood River



Kona One leads a resurgence in longboard racing.
Longboard Windsurfing Journal chronicles the love for windsurfing's original board form
The Bic Techno 293 One Design Class is possibly the fastest growing One-Design Class. In May 2007, the Techno became an ISAF International Class for young sailors less than 17 years of age. Since then it has experienced rapid expansion worldwide with new countries and sailing federations choosing the Techno 293 OD to assist in the development of their youth windsurfing and sailing programs. In Sopot, Poland over 200 sailors competed at the 2008 World Championships. The Techno 293 OD is today the largest windsurfing fleet in the world, a breeding ground for tomorrow's champions!
Techno 293 OD - 2011 World Championships San Francisco

The Racing
Rules for Windsurfing are in Appendix B, begins on Page 66





Early in 2005 the PWA announced the creation of a new format in the Race discipline: Slalom. As a natural progression in windsurf racing, Slalom is designed to bring the action close to the beach and right in front of the crowds and media. Competitors use a maximum of four sails and two boards, further increasing the emphasis on sailor skill and race tactics. Courses are generally based around downwind or figure-eight slalom courses, but can include any number of variations, some of the most dramatic of which include including long distance and between the island style races for the entire fleet. The spectacle of up to one hundred sailors blasting across a start line, at over thirty knots, to do battle over miles of open water has to be seen to be fully appreciated!
PWA Fuerteventura 2012 
PWA Costa Brava 2012

WINDSURFER international
Pro Slalom Secrets by Kurosh Kiani DEN - 13
Rig ~ Slalom's become popular recently. But why? Is sailing up and down that much fun? Are we all just closet racers? I want to share with you the the passion for racing I've had since I was a kid. I think many riders would be surprised at how much fun it can be. Admit it or not we're all a little bit competitive on the water anyway...
Boards ~ Slalom sailing board choice is majorly important. Having the right board improves your sailing experience. Now having said that, it doesn't mean that you should go out and get a top-of-the-line racing machine. The industry have spent a lot of time and energy developing perfectly good Freerace and Freeride boards that are much easier to ride than full-blooded slalom boards that aren't much slower. In fact, you'll often see pros registering Freerace boards for events that often have long-distance or longer reaching courses as sometimes comfort and control is faster over distance...
Fins ~ Is a production fin actually better than a custom blade? Find out what to pick and when to use it for blasting your rivals off the water.If you're interested in racing or going fast, here's Part III in our series of Pro Slalom Tuning Tips to help you get the most out of almost any type of gear....
Accessories...some potentially vital accessories to help tweak some extra knots and inject new confidence into your Slalom’ve now become a regular racer? You compete against your friends and attend at events where you kick ass with all of the knowledge that you have picked-up in the last couple of months. But, wait a minute, is there something extra you can do to boost you performance and give yourself that final edge as you rock up to the next race?
The Mind Game ~ The fastest guy in the world without the right mindset will never be able to win. A slower guy with just the right mental attitude will always finish first. Why is that? Strangely enough you can train as much as you want, but if your mind doesn't follow, all of that time spent training could be for no use. But don't worry, its not all lost. You can tune your mental attitude just like you can your gear...
First Race ~ So you’ve tuned-up your gear, practiced your moves out on the water for a while, and now you’ve decided that it’s time for you to test out your skills on the racecourse. With your technique and tweaking now second nature, Kurosh Kiani helps with some essential psychological tips for your first race experience....
Maui Race Series is a slalom race series comprising 5 seperate events, held every summer on Maui for the last 25 consecutive years. Race director Rick Vetromile has been a part of every series since the beginning. and
2012 Maui Race Series Hawaiin State Championship - Kanaha Beach Park
Gorge Cup  Another long running slalom series, held every summer in Hood River, Oregon at the Event Site. Multiple race events from May through August.
2012 Gorge Cup - Hood River Event Site



World Speed Records For many years windsurfing held the world record for fastest sailing speed. Antoine Albeau was the last windsurfer to hold a world record  - 49.05 knots over 500 meters but was passed by new records from kiting with the top speed held by American Rob Douglass - 55.65 knots. And in 2012  a new sailing world speed record of 65.45 knots was set by Paul Larsen with his hybrid boat, Sailrocket.
GPS Speedsailing - The Race against time ~The  biggest and most popular method for measuring speed sailing is GPS timing.
Antoine Albeau's Windsurfing World Record run November 21, 2012 - Luderitz, Namibia

Speed windsurfing is dominated by big powerful guys, the likes of Bjorn Dunkerbeck and Antoine Albeau, so how can a non-professional women, weighing the same 75KG (ish) as your average recreational sailor, ever hope to compete let alone beat them at their own game? Boardseeker catches up with Zara Davis who has just returned from Luderitz, Namibia where she not only broke the women’s windsurfing record, but she upset quite a few of the men as well.

WINDSURFER international
Elements of Speed by Peter De Wit & Peter Volwater

Tips To Get Started

Kurosh Kiani's recent Pro Slalom Secrets Series lifted the lid on a stack of vital Slalom Racing Techniques. This time we're concentrating on pure speed and how you can advance the ability of both your gear and yourself. Thanks to one of GPS-Speedsurfing's leading lights and multiple Dutch Speed Champion Peter De Wit (NED-161), and PWA Legend and Speed Tour maestro Peter Volwater (NED-24), here's the first in a new series of valuable guides on how to get all-out performance in a straight line, and some handy tips on speedsailing devices, ladders and locations.
The Slingshot - Breaking 35 Knots
Thanks to multiple Dutch Speed Champion Peter De Wit (NED-161), and PWA Legend and Speed Tour maestro Peter Volwater (NED-24), we continue a new series of valuable guides on how to bust barriers and break PBs. This time we concentrate in the all-important Slingshot to ping you down the course and focus on how to push through the 35-knot barrier.