We are forums, email groups, associations, clubs; blogs, websitesretailers, professional instructors; all the unaffiliated regulars at the local launch. This directory is here to help you open the door to the Maui and Oahu windsurfing community.
Kahului | Retail, used gear, rentals, forum, vacation planning (Vela)
Kahului | Lessons
Kahului | Retail, rentals
Kahului | Retail, rentals, lessons
Jeffrey Henderson | Retail, forum, videos, blog
Jeff Benett | Blog, photos, videos, information
Tha Maui Windsurf Company
Kahului | Retail, used gear, rentals, lessons, vacation packages
Naish Maui Pro Center
Kahului | Retail, rentals
 Area resource
Hookipa, Mama's Beach, Lanes
Kahului | Lessons, accomodations
Second Wind Maui
Kahului | Retail, rentals, lessons, vacation help
Giampaolo Cammarota | Blog, photos, videos
Hawaiin Island Surf and Sport
Kahului | Retail, rentals, lessons
Kahului | Lessons, kid camps, retail
Paia | Retail, new & used sails, rentals

Pritchard Windsurfing

Matt & Kevin | Retail, rentals, lessons, accomodations, blog
Haiku | Production & custom boards | Shop displays also Goya boards and sails, MFC fins, demos
Haiku | Boards, sails, R & D
Haiku | Custom & production boards
Haiku | R & D
Mark Nelson Factory
Haiku | Custom boards
Haiku | R & D, forum, news
Butterfly Effect events, blog
Maui Fin Company
Haiku | Wholesale
Haiku | Retail fins
Kihei | Retail
Clinics, blog
Webcam, news
Naish Hawaii Store
Kailua | Retail
Kailua | Retail, lessons, rentals
Hawaiin Watersports
Kailua | Retail, lessons, rentals

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