We are forums, email groups, associations, clubs; blogs, websitesretailers, professional instructors; all the unaffiliated regulars at the local launch. This directory is here to help you open the door to Hatteras, North Carolina and  the surrounding regional windsurfing community.
Andy McKinney | retail, rentals, lessons, blog, Hatteras windsurfing guide
Bill's OBX Beach Life http://obxbeachlife.blogspot.com/
Bill Bell | weather, webcams, Forum, real estate links, wave tutorials
Facebook  Facebook
Retail, sail repair
Barton Decker | lessons, retail | www.hiss-waves.com/  website currently under repair
Brian Klauser | retail, rentals, lessons
Retail, used gear
Andy McKinney
Vacation Rentals
Frisco Woods Campground  http://www.outer-banks.com/friscowoods/
Outer Beaches Realty  http://www.outerbeaches.com/
Surf or Sound Realty  http://www.surforsound.com/

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Inland North Carolina
International Boardsailing Club of Charlotte | IBSCC  http://www.ibscc.org/
Charlotte | Forum
Charlotte Windsurfing  http://charlottewindsurfing.ning.com/
Charlotte | Forum
Triangle Windsurfing and Boardsailing Club  http://www.triangleboardsailing.com/
Raleigh | Forum
Triad Windsurfing Club  http://www.triadwindsurfing.com/
Ralph | Greensboro
Virginia, Maryland, Delaware

East of Maui Boardshop  http://www.eastofmauiboardshop.com/

Annapolis, Md.| retail, lessons, rentals
Baltimore Area Boardsailing Association | BABA  http://www.windsurfbaba.org/
Baltimore, Md.
bw_windsurfing · Baltimore Washington DC Area Windsurfing   http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/bw_windsurfing/ 
A Yahoo email group
Yahoo email group | Chesapeake Bay region
Hammerman Beach & Dundee Creek, Md. | rentals, used gear, lessons
48th Street Watersports Center  http://www.radbayinc.com/Homepage.html
Ocean City, Md. | rentals, lessons
Hampton, Va. | retail, lessons, rentals, repairs
Windsrfing Enthusiasts of Tidewater | WET   http://www.sailwet.com/
Tidewater, Va.
Launch guide to the region | More
Milford, Delaware | Retail, rentals
George Markopoulos | Milford, Delaware
South Carolina, Georgia
Chuck Hardin | Evans, Ga. | retail, lessons
ACWA_windsurf · Augusta-Columbia Windsurfing Association  http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/ACWA_windsurf/
Augusta-Columbia, Ga. | Yahoo email group
Atlanta Boardsailing Club  http://windsurfatlanta.org/index.php
Atlanta, Ga.
CharlestonBoardsailing · Charleston Boardsailing/Kitesailing Club  http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/CharlestonBoardsailing/
Charleston, S.C. | Yahoo email group