Central America

From Mexico to Panama.
We are forums, email groups, associations, clubs; blogs, websites; retailers, professional instructors; all the unaffiliated regulars at the local launch. This directory is here to help you open the door to the Central American windsurfing community.
Country resource: News, events, destinations
Cancun | Retail
Solosports Adventure Holidays http://www.solosports.net/
Punta San Carlos | Gear and accomodations


Baja Joe's Vacation Paradise http://www.bajajoe.com/
South of La Paz on the Sea of Cortez | Accomadations, rentals, lessons
La Ventana | Accomadations, rentals, lessons
La Ventana Properties http://www.laventanarentals.com/
La Ventana | Vacation home rentals
Captain Kirk's La Ventana Resort http://www.captainkirks.com/resort.shtml
La Ventana | Accomodations, rentals, lessons
Los Barriles | Accomodations, rentals, lessons
La Ventana | Wyatt Miller | Accomodations, rentals, lessons, blog
Comprehensive guide
Resort, rentals, lessons
Slickrock adventures
San Pedro | Area guide
San Pedro | Rentals, lessons, accomodations
San Pedro | Rentals
Long Caye | Rentals, lessons, accomodations
Hopkins | Rentals, lessons, accomodations
Area guide
Roatan Island | Rentals, lessons, accomodations
Trujillo | Rentals, lessons, accomodations
Costa Rica
Tilawa Windsurfing Center  http://windsurfcostarica.com/
Lake Arenal | Rentals, lessons, accomodations
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El Salvador