We are forums, email groups, associations, clubs; blogs, websitesretailers, professional instructors; all the unaffiliated regulars at the local launch. This directory is here to help you open the door to the California windsurfing community.
San Francisco
San Francisco Boardsailing Association 
Comprehensive guide | Webcams
Racing series, news
CalCup · CalCup Formula Racing Forum
Yahoo email group
Mike Zajicek | Formula and custom boards
USA 4 Windsurfing Campaign
Steve Bodner | Formula racing
San Rafael | David Wells | Retail, Lessons, Rentals
Yahoo email group
Boardsports Shop & School
Lessons, retail, blog
San Francisco | Kevin Kan |  Retail, blog
Aaron Vieira
Blog, news, video
Boardbags | Retail
Sergey Menshikov | Bay area videos
Bill Hansen | Sails
Helm of Sun Valley
San Mateo | Retail, rental
Yahoo email group
California Windsurfing
Foster City | Lessons, rentals
Berkeley | Non profit club
Yahoo email group | Cal Sailing's forum
Delta Windsurf Company
Rio Vista |  Retail, rentals, lessons
Rio Vista Windsurfing Association
Rio Vista | Area information, news
Jason Voss | Instruction
Davenport SurfSail
Davenport | Joe Dihl | Retail, sail repair
Los Angeles | Retail, lessons, rentals
Long Beach Windsurf Center
Long Beach | Retail, lessons
San Pedro | Retail
Palos Verdes | Retail, rentals, lessons, repairs
Southern Cal | Area guide, forum, videos
San Pedro | Racing event
Santa Barbara | Retail, blog
Santa Barbara | Retail
Lake Isabella Windsurfing
Tehachapi | Weather, forum, photos
True Ames Fins
Goleta | Wholesale
Encinitas | Wholesale, products
Spennie Thompson | Comics, reporting, Delta dockumentary
Clew First Windsurfing
Lessons, clinics | Facebook
San Diego Windsurfing Association
San Diego | Information, area guide
San Diego Formula Windsurfing
San Diego | Race schedule
Baja Mexico
Solosports Adventure Holidays
Punta San Carlos | Gear and accomodations
Baja Joe's Vacation Paradise
South of La Paz on the Sea of Cortez | Accomadations, rentals, lessons
La Ventana | Accomadations, rentals, lessons
La Ventana Properties
La Ventana | Vacation home rentals
Captain Kirk's La Ventana Resort
La Ventana | Accomodations, rentals, lessons
Los Barriles | Accomodations, rentals, lessons
Pro-Windsurf La Ventana
La Ventana | Wyatt Miller | Accomodations, rentals, lessons, blog
Comprehensive guide