Andy Brandt: ABK BoardSports

Andy Brandt is the driving force of ABK.  
ABK is the oldest professionally run windsurfing school in the United States. For over 27 years and in more than 820 multi-day camp sessions held across the United States and the Caribbean, the ABK teaching method and program has been developed and refined by professionals with expertise in recreational windsurfing, World Cup racing, and equipment technology.Catch a clinic here in the U.S.A.
The ABK website offers a 75 page instruction manual compiled from their many years of teaching.
Some of the entries
Page 2   Safety
Page 7   Right of Way
Page 8   Bad habits of windsurfing
Page 12  Rigging Lecture
Page 16  Longboard Technique
Page 20  Upwind on a short board
Page 21  Uphauling on a short board
Page 22  Tacking a longboard
Page 26  Common tacking errors
Page 28  Planing tack on a shortboard
Page 29  Beach starting
Page 32  Waterstarting
Page 40  Using the harness
Page 42  Speed on the reach
Page 45  Tips for under & over powered conditons
Page 46  Downwind drill for a longboard
Page 47  Pivot Jibe for a longboard
Page 48  Non-planing pivot jibe
Page 51  Planing step jibe
Page 59  Chop Hop
Page 64  Freestyle
Page 73  Glossary
Use your head
by Andy Brandt for Windsport Magazine
Windsurfers often worry about what their arms and legs are doing while sailing when they would be better off using,
and thinking about, their head. Keeping your head up and looking forward gives better balance, directional awareness
and teaches a windsurfer to feel and not look for feedback from their sail....