About this website

I was dismayed watching some innocent question on a forum turn into free-for-all argument among the expert respondents. Quite often  the forum answers were in total disregard to the original question. Sincere questions deserve a chance to be answered.  I decided to build this website to help those with an interest to learn. You may have to dig a little to find what you need but I hope you'll find the effort worth while.
The sidebar menu on the left provides a top to bottom approach for beginners to advanced. "Inside the brain of windsurfing" is for all your friends who ever wondered about that thing you do: windsurfing. Follow the sidebar and those that want to learn more, can.
I have linked up material from all over the internet. It is not my intent to steal from anyone. If you have issues with any content on the is website, email me at: clydepeggy at hotmail dot com. If you're a Facebook member, message me via: DaNews https://www.facebook.com/pages/DaNews/259440813066  My intent for this site is simple: a comprehensive reference guide to help you learn more about windsurfing.

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