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Create domU in 3 min onRamdisk

Create and run domU in 3 min with waterproof small linux distro : Tinycore Slitaz and Puppy

Once booting into dom0 kernel,the xen tool allows domU creation almost with debootstrapping ,or cloning some template.
The resulting domU amounts easily to some 3 or more hundreds of Mb ! and still not very demonstrative to xen newbies.
So why not pickup the very well studied small distros around and build our domU from it ;moreover put just few modifs and addon to have vnc server in domU ,then we get a beautiful fully functioning domU linux with GUI !
Since small distro are lean,we can even put domU into ramdisk and run them from compressed ramdisk which give us double advantage : small size to send around ,and extremely fast operating since it's in ram !

A small script " create$(distro)OnRamdisk " doing:
1 download $(distro).iso
2 extract the rootfs
3 modify inittab and securetty to have hvc0 as xen console (very light modif indeed !)
4 add vncserver to allow connection from a second terminal with vncviewer
5 recompact the obtained rootfs into ramdisk ( cpio)

createXenPuppyOnRamdisk is associated with vncAddonPuppyOnRamdisk.tar.bz2
In termibal A_dom0 run the script will create and run the domU_ala_Puppy ;In a 2nd terminal run xvnviewer will trigger up ...the domU_GUI !


In a similar way for Tinycore and Slitaz script and vncAddon_stuffs can be found in the same LearnEmbeddedLinux_dir.

screenshots :


script + addOnvnc

createXenSlitazOnRamdisk          vncAddonSlitazOnRamdisk.tar.bz2
createXenTinycoreOnRamdisk     vncAddonTinycoreOnRamdisk.tar.bz2
are under

Of course ,to be complete I should have put the modules associated with the pv-op kernel used to boot domU ;it just takes some 50Mb more But as conceptual demonstration,this is clearly enough .

My dom0_kernel was taken from Jeremy "stable" and hypervisor with xen-4.0.1 from git repo.All this compiled in ubuntu-8.10,the famous unsupported Intrepid-version.
I believe all this can be done with any other dom0_kernel !

In case you want to pick this dom0_kernel just install the package linux-image- as an option of grub menu to boot xen-dom0_kernel
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