Progressive Rhythm

Repeated elements with regular changes, such as, a series of squares that get slightly bigger each time.

Overview & Advantages
  • Repetition on a shape that changes in a very regular manner
  • Usually shows organic feel
  • Important in interactive projects
  • Have to use properly, too much can cause a mess 
  • Sudden changes in placement and elements often be annoying to the user 

How to use it
You can achieve progressive rhythm through the following:
  • Element choices (circle, rectangle, triangle, etc)  
  • Color choices (dark and light, black and white)
  • Positioning of elements (top and bottom, isolated and grouped)
  • Texture 
  • Size (Repeat in visual manner) 



Video Explanation

YouTube Video


Look at these two pictures and decide which one shows more of progressive rhythm and then point what shows progressive rhythm in the picture.