Take a Test

YouTube Video

Respondus Lockdown Browser

Student Introduction

Share this video with your students to provide them with an overview of LockDown Browser.

The Respondus LockDown browser is installed in all OIT Managed Computer labs -- please inquire with the computer lab supervisor to confirm that it is installed.

More Important Tips and Reminders!
Your instructor will inform you where he/she has posted a test in Bb.
1. Click the title of the test to open it -- then click the begin button.

Answer each question on the test.  

Do not exit the test.  If you leave the test open and idle for a long period of time it could “time out’” and you will lose your answers.

Do NOT use the browser's back button to go back to a previous question -- If your instructor is allowing "back-tracking" use the arrows in the test itself.

3. Click “save” between questions. (click the images below to make them larger)


4.   Click Save and Submit when you complete the assessment.

Note:  If the Assessment is timed, the remaining time appears in the bottom of the browser.


WARNINGS -- Please Read!  

  • Do not use the browser's Back button during an assessment. This will cause loss of data.
  • Be careful about taking tests on wireless devices, including laptops.  If the internet drops, you will loose connection to the test.  If your instructor has set only one attempt at the test, you will not be allowed to open the test again.
OIT Bb staff will not clear your test attempts.  
If you get dropped from your test, please contact your instructor.