Turn in a SafeAssignment

    Safe Assign will check your document for plagiarism.  Your Safe Assignment will be located in one of the content areas of your course.  Your instructor should tell you where to locate the assignment.  A Safe Assignment icon looks like a large check mark, as noted in the image below.  After you submit your Safe Assignment you will receive a report detailing matches (if any) between your file and the internet, journals and other students' papers).

    To Submit a Safe Assignment:

    The basic process for submitting your Safe Assignment: -- (Click on the attachment below for more detailed instructions, if needed).
    1. Click on the "View/Complete" link
    2. Click Browse my Computer
    3. Find your file and Click OPEN
    4. Click SUBMIT
    You should see a confirmation that the assignment was submitted successfully -- look at the top of the screen for this confirmation.

    To view your SA results:
    Click the View/Complete link
    Scroll down the screen until you see the SA Report and click on the icon to the report.
    See the attachment below to view an example report.

    The attachments below fully documents how to submit your Safe Assignment, check for your SA Report and interpret your report.

    Karen Rubinstein,
    Sep 30, 2010, 1:03 PM