Course Home Page

Your Course Home page keeps you up to date with your course.  Access the Home Page area directly from your course menu and you'll be able to see any new content, assignments and discussion posts for your course. You will also be able to quickly see assignments that are due and past due.  You can set your Notification Settings to receive your alerts via email or Blackboard Mobile.  

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Bb Notifications - Get Timely Bb Course information sent to your HomePage, Email or Bb Mobile

From the course Home Page, click the Edit Notification Settings button from within any of the modules.

The notifications screen will open.

To Set How Often you are Notified

Click “Edit General Notifications” link.

Under "General Course Settings," Select Individual Messages or Daily Digest. This will determine how often you receive email for the events you have chosen to be notified about. Daily Digest send a summary email once a day at 6pm, the "Individual Messages" setting send separate email messages for every "event' you have chosen to be notified about. 
Click Submit to save change you make to these settings.
See the section below to set up what you are notified about.....

To Select what you are Notified About (for example Exams, New Content, Discussion Board Posts): 

Click "Courses I am Taking" under the Bulk Settings.

To apply notification settings to ALL of your courses select “Courses I am Taking” from the Bulk Edit area.  Or, you can set the notifications for individual courses by selecting the course from your course list in the "Individual Course Settings" area of the screen.

From the Change Settings Screen click the All Button

Scroll Down
Review the list of notification options. Turn the option on or off from the check list on the left.  Then, for options that are ON, click the Dashboard (i.e. the course Home Page), Bb Mobile app or Email check boxes to receive notifications in that mode. Mobile indicates that your are using the Bb Mobile App.

When you finish, click the submit button at the bottom or top of the screen.

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