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> Florence workshop

    Lea.p. in Florence

    27th-28th January 2011 

    Fondazione Giovanni Michelucci



Thursday, 27th January 2011

  9.00:    Assemble in Meridiana Hotel

10.00:   Opening Session in Fondazione Michelucci

              - Greetings and Fondazione Giovanni Michelucci’s activities presentation                 

10.30:   Partners presentation (Each member introduces himself and his organization)

11.30:  L.E.A.P. Project

            - Seminar planning and projects 2011-2012

 13.00:  Lunch break

 14.30:   Adult education in prisons: good practice in Tuscany

            - Adult education in prisons and perspective of social reintegration (Dott. Alessandro Margara)

            - The school experience in Florence prison Sollicciano

            - Some teachers present their experience

            - Debate

 16.30:  Best educational practices in European prisons

             -  Partners introduce and describe some best practices in adult education, present  some initiatives and outline the  prison situation in their countries

 18.00:  Opinions and conclusions


Friday, 28 January 2011


9.00:   Assemble  in Meridiana Hotel

9.30:   Opening Session in Fondazione Michelucci

             - Adult education in prison: good practice in Tuscany

            - University studies for inmates. The experience of Florence University in Prato prison

            - Teachers and operators present their experience


 11.30: Coffee break

 11.45: L.E.A.P. Project

            -      Development of monitoring methods of good educational practices and of an online platform for communication between partners

13.00: Opinions and conclusions

 13.30: Lunch break

             - Delegations coming back



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