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A Little Bit of a Short Long Trip (New)

This is some studio work I did on a solo rock album by Mac Ritchey. Since he's not actively trying to sell or promote the album, preferring to work on 35th Parallel and Possum Hall Studios, he's letting me post the tracks I played on in their entirety (though if anyone would prefer shorter segments, let me know).


Waves in Starlight: This is by far the most interesting track from a windsynth perspective, as it's the only one with a real solo. It starts during the bridge (about 3:27 into the song, which is 5:37 total), and continues until the end of the song. I used the Turbo VL Beauty patch for this part.


King of the River: I played a few bits of (Turbo VL) tuba on this track and also sung in the chorus (though not very loudly, as I'm not a very good singer). Interesting note: the chorus was recorded during half-time of Super Bowl 2004, so I missed Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction to do it. A trade-off I would gladly make again.


Grow Old Get Groovy: I played a Turbo VL horn section at various points during this tune. If I recall correctly, it was 4 different tracks - Bari Sax, Tenor Sax, Trumpet and (I think) Trombone. I don't recall the exact patches. The horn section parts are very simple and there's a lot going on simultaneously, so I wouldn't say they are featured, but I definitely think they add something to the mix.


Bloomfield Drum and Music Festival (New)

Here are some highlights from a show I did with 35th Parallel at the Bloomfield Drum and Music Festival on Oct 9, 2004 in Bloomfield, CT. This was an outdoor show, so the recording is not of the absolutely highest quality, but it’s pretty good considering the circumstances. I've noted the instrumentation and the patch I've used for each piece.


Homunculus: This is one of my favorite original 35th Parallel tunes.
Mac Ritchey: Oud
Gabe Halberg: Tabla
Mark Alan Rhodes: Windsynth (Turbo VL Bassoon)
Todd Roach: Doumbek


Improv: This piece was an on the spot improv with only key and instrumentation determined in advance. It starts with a long drone intro with didjeridoo and throat singing. The beat and windsynth start about half way through.
Mac Ritchey: Didjeridoo
Gabe Halberg: Jaw Harp, Ankle Bells, Tabla
Mark Rhodes: Windsynth (VL Sylophon)
Todd Roach: Throat Singing, Frame Drum


Tuba Solo: One of the pieces we did is a cover of The Happy Sheik by Rabih Abou-Khalil, so I can't legally post the whole thing. This is my tuba solo from it. It is inspired by Rabih's tuba player, Michel Godard. This is the Turbo VL Tuba patch which I tweaked by routing pitch bend up to embouchure (and a few other things).
Mac Ritchey: Oud
Gabe Halberg: Tabla
Mark Alan Rhodes: Windsynth (Tweaked Turbo VL Tuba)
Todd Roach: Riq


Geozlerinden Bellidir: A traditional Turkish tune. 
Mac Ritchey: Oud
Gabe Halbery: Ankle Bells, Frame Drum
Mark Alan Rhodes: Windsynth (Turbo VL Koz Lead)
Todd Roach: Doumbek


35th Parallel Green Vine CD release party


My most excellent friend, Mac Ritchey, is part of a world music duo called 35th Parallel and they recently released their first album called The Green Vine (which everyone encouraged to buy, of course - if you do, tell 'em Mark sent you). Mac plays oud (middle-eastern lute), electric oud, bouzouki and didgeridoo and processes them with a vast array of electronic toys. The other member of the duo, Gabe, plays Tabla, various other percussion instruments and jaw harp. They invited me to sit in with them on some tunes during their CD release party and concert, which took place In October of 2003. I had never met Gabe prior to that day, so I was a little nervous about playing with them, but I think the results turned out pretty well.


The first piece is an improvisation. The only things we had decided on beforehand was that it would have a spacey intro and then go into a mid tempo 7/8 starting with the bouzouki.


The next piece is a version of Lunar from The Green Vine and as such was the most defined, with the windsynth playing the same melody as the electric oud in some sections.


The third piece is called Ogre Under the Bonsai Tree. It is based on a track from the album As Things Could Be by Native American flute prodigy Evren Ozam (which was produced by Mac and features 35th Parallel). I wasn't going for an accurate Native American flute emulation in terms of sound, but I was trying to capture some of Evren's style.


Mac and Gabe hadn't planned on an encore, and seemed happily surprised when the audience demanded one. I was touched to be invited to join them for it. Since the eventuality was unplanned for, this was a complete improvisation from start to finish. Mac gets funky with the effects on the electric oud and later comes in with didgeridoo (which you can hear someone in the audience approve of). The tape that was recording from the board ran out, but luckily there was another recording being made from out in the room. That's why the quality of the recording is a little lower on this track. Several people said this was their favorite piece of the concert.


Technical notes for windsynth enthusiasts: The controller I used was the WX-7. The sound modules were a Yamaha VL70-m and an Alesis QSR. The sound on 7jam is a layer of Sylophon on the VL (factory chip) and a patch I made called FluVox on the QSR. For Lunar I used a layer of Vento on the VL and FluVox. For Ogre, I used a patch called FlutoPho that I downloaded from the Internet. For the Encore, I returned to Sylophon/FluVox.


Send comments, questions or any other correspondence to markalanrhodes at leapday dot com


More files to come...