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This mini web-site aims at exposing a blend of  Lean, Agile and other efficient practices, and push you into the kitchen
To cook and refine your own blend of practices
The content of this site is purely based on EXPERIENCE, LESSONS LEARNT. We'll not replicate references, but club useful material and links, with the approach we use to evangelize these highly efficient practices.
Even if we tried and implemented this blend of practices in the IT area, we'll try to show how part of those practices are applicable to other domains.
You'll see that the EMPHASIS is on :
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Very Roughly, our blend is composed of

 [SCRUM + Lean]

- Strong Roles (Product Owner, Scrum Master, ..)
- Fixed-Length (Time-Boxed) Iterations
- Backlogs (Product Level, Iteration Level)
- Ceremonies (Daily Meeting, Retrospectives, ..)

- Whiteboarding
- Kanban

Decision Making
Problem Solving

6 Thinking Hats, Lateral Thinking
5 Whys
"Requirements Mgt" :
[FDD + XP]

User Stories
Features Driven Lifecycle

"Software Engineering Practices"

JIT Design
Tracer Bullet Principle
Test Driven
Sofware Factory for Code Quality Automation
Continuous Integration