how we do it

Jennifer and Frank work in tandem to create change within your organization that will be accepted, workable, and successful.
Through careful analysis of current systems, goals, and company culture, Jennifer identifies gaps in performance and creates lean disciplined systems.

Working closely with your team, processes are developed together to maximize usability and benefit.  Not every company is the same, therefore every lean implementation is unique.

Jennifer will serve you by:
  • Implementing tailored systems for your company
  • Implementing lean manufacturing solutions
  • Implementing lean product development systems
  • Teaching teams how to work better together
  • Setting up processes to initiate collaborative product development
  • Identifying gaps in quality management systems
  • Solving problems within your manufacturing and design
Frank offers strengths-based executive and team coaching to focus on the strengths of the organization and the individual executives who lead it.  By seamlessly blending organizational and personal strengths, we can improve performance without disrupting ongoing work.

Utilizing exclusive Pi3TM development process identifies outcomes, assesses individual strengths and provides a personalized strategic growth plan design to achieve organization goals and objectives.

Frank will serve you by:
  • Developing action plans that capitalize on your strengths
  • Recognizing the activities that will deliver your most significant contributions
  • Analyzing individual thinking and decision making patterns
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses in working with and leading others
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May 17, 2010, 1:12 PM