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  • Mandy Moore - Wild Hope [2007]

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Human Resource Dept.

Hanoi Vietnam

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National University 

Hanoi Vietnam

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  Seem alright outside, something-wrong inside, a thoughtful one

  May be one day I can spit all the things in my head out

  ... and I love mine!

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  • Portishead - Third (2008)

Artist - Portishead
Album - Third (Advance)
Country – Bristol, England
Release Date – 2008.04.28
Genre – Pop-Rock / Electronica / Experimental
Label - Island

1. Silence
2. Hunter
3. Nylon Smile
4. The Rip
5. Plastic
6. We Carry On
7. Deep Water
8. Machine Gun
9. Small
10. Magic Doors
11. Threads
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 Welcome to Techcombank, one of the largest and fastest growing full service joint-stock banks in Vietnam. Headquartered in Hanoi, we have opened 73 branches and transaction offices in 16 provinces and cities throughout Vietnam after 13 years of operation, aiming to reach the target of 200 branches countrywide by 2010.

As of 24th September 2006, Techcombank had registered capital of VND 1,500 billion, total assets of nearly VND 15,759 billion, and a total staff of over 1,300[1]. In terms of total assets and revenue, our annual growth rate has been in excess of 30% over the last three years. Within the next three to five years Techcombank plans to become one of the largest joint-stock Banks in Vietnam with registered capital in excess of VND 1,500 billion and total assets of over VND 22,500 billion....