My research interests are in Applied Microeconomics and Behavioral Economics.

Curriculum Vitae


"Poverty and Economic Decision-Making: Evidence from Changes in Financial Resources at Payday." 2016. American Economic Review 106(2) (with Stephan Meier and Stephanie W. Wang).

“Child Gender and Parental Investments in India: Are Boys and Girls Treated Differently?” 2014. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 6(1) (with Silvia H. Barcellos and Adriana Lleras-Muney).

“Childhood Circumstances and the Intergenerational Transmission of Socioeconomic Status.” 2012. Demography 49(3).

Working Papers

Complexity and Sophistication  (with Dan Silverman)

“Poverty and Time Preference”

“Information about Self-Control and Intertemporal Choices” (with Silvia H. Barcellos)

Research in Progress

The Gene-by-Education Interaction (with Silvia H. Barcellos and Patrick Turley)

The Origins of Decision-Making (with Pedro Carneiro, Damien de Walque, and Mary Fuhs)

Preferences or Imperfections? Anomalies in the Lab and Real-World Behavior (with Arna Olafsson and Dan Silverman)

Education and Preferences (with Pietro Ortoleva, Francisco Perez-Arce, and Erik Snowberg)

Leandro S. Carvalho
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University of Southern California
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