Tenure-Track Professor
        Technical University Munich        
        Dynamic Vision and Learning Group
        Boltzmannstrasse 3
        85748 Garching, Germany

  • Please check out my new website!! This website will no longer be updated.
  • New paper on tracking with siamese neural networks to be presented at the DeepVision workshop at CVPR 2016!
  • We will organize the 2nd Workshop on Benchmarking Multi-Target Tracking in conjunction with ECCV 2016 in Amsterdam!
  • MOT16 is here! Check out the new benchmark for multiple people tracking at MOTChallenge! 14 new challenging sequences!
  • New paper on pose estimation accepted for ICCV 2015!
  • CVPR 2015 code for joint multiple people tracking and segmentation has been released!
  • New code for Linear Programming tracking in 2D and 3D. Find it here!
  • The first manuscript of the MOTChallenge benchmark goes public!
  • New version of the ICCV 2011 code is available!