About me

Heres a bit of information on me im a southlander oh year come from a town called otautau but when i finished school at central southland college i left i moved in to invercargill with my boyfriend for a year after that exciting year of finding myself we moved up to dunedin were i am studying art at otago polly im realy loving it.
I tell you abit about my art iv always tryed to express myself and found painting to be something i realy loved in school we were always giving topics but were aloud to take off on our own spin on things i didnt always plan my work and that made my teacher mad but i just get started and see were it takes me. I don't always think about an art work insted i let the work take form as i go. I always find that if i think to much it gets in the way so i tend not to think haha but i do sometime have a meaning behined a art work im a christain so i do try to show my faith in some of my work also i like putting a point across in either socail or political issus. but im mainly just in to making art because its funĀ  haha
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