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Aerican EmpireAerican Empire1987An eccentric tongue-in-cheek micronation founded by Canadian Eric Lis as a child, and maintained for the several decades since. It claims various terrestrial and interplanetary territories as Aerican land.[1]:102Eric Lis
Aeterna Lucina1978An Australian micronation founded by a self-proclaimed baron, who claimed properties he owned in New South Wales as its territory. Several associated businessmen were charged in 1990 with land and visa fraud.[2]Paul Baron Neuman
Akhzivlanddeclared independence 1970[3][4]A non-territorial micronation founded by Eli Avivi in response to the Israeli government's sending two bulldozers to demolish his illegally inhabited house.[3] As a result of a lawsuit brought against Avivi by the State of Israel (which was subsequently rejected by the judge hearing the case), the micronation's legal status has remained ambiguous.Eli Avivi
Aramoana1980A small New Zealand community that declared itself independent to protest the building of an aluminium smelter on nearby land.[5]
AtlantiumEmpire of Atlantium1981A global sovereignty group based in Australia that was founded in Sydney by George Francis Cruickshank.[1]:102George Cruickshank
Austenasia2008A constitutional monarchy comprising three privately owned properties that have declared themselves independent under the leadership of a house in south London.[6][7][8][9][10]Jonathan Austen
Avram1980sA non-territorial micronation founded by an eccentric self-proclaimed duke who was later elected to the Tasmanian state parliament.[1]:144John Charlton Rudge
BjornSocialist Republic2005A self-proclaimed Marxist state, based also on the religious but atheist Bjorn principles, of about 6 square metres (7.18 sq yd) located on a stone "that looks like a tractor" in Lake Immeln, ScaniaSweden.[11][12][13]
British West Florida2005A micronation intending to revive the former British colony of the same name.[1]:139Bo Register
Bumbunga1976An Australian secessionist micronation located on a farm at Bumbunga near Snowtownand Lochiel, (northeast of Adelaide), South Australia during the 1970s and 1980s for approximately a decade.Alex Brackstone
Celestia1949A defunct micronation claiming all of outer space.James Thomas Mangan
Conch Republic1982A group claiming tongue-in-cheek independence from the United States of America in protest at a blockade established by the US Border Patrol at the upper end of the Florida Keys.[1]:130Dennis Wardlow
Copeman Empire2003The Copeman Empire is run from a caravan park in Norfolk, England, by its founder Nick Copeman, who changed his name by deed poll to HM King Nicholas I.[1]:70-73Nick Copeman
Coral Sea Islands2004Established as a symbolic political protest by a group of gay rights activists, the Coral Sea Islands is a micronation based in southeast QueenslandAustralia.[1]:38Dale Anderson
Elleore1944A tongue-in-cheek micronation founded by a group of school teachers as a summer camp on the island of Elleore, Denmark.[1]:42
EnenKio1994Claims Wake Atoll in the Marshall Islands, and has been deemed a scam for selling passports and diplomatic papers.[14]
Filettino2011Mayor Luca Sellari, from the small town with a population around 550, declared the independence from Italy[15] in protest to austerity measures resulting from the European economic crisis. Filettino has printed its own currency, the fiorito.[16]
Flandrensis2008A micronation with claims over some territories of Antarctica, which has been founded in 2008 by Niels Vermeersch, who declared himself as a Grand Duke Niels I.[17][18][19][20][21][22][23][24]Niels Vermeersch
Forvik2008An islet in ShetlandScotland, declared an independent Crown dependency by Stuart Hill, who claims that the United Kingdom has breached the 1469 deal with Denmark, which transferred the Shetland Islands to the Scottish crown.[25]Stuart Hill
Freetown Christiania1971Christiania, also known as Freetown Christiania (Danish: Fristaden Christiania) is a self-proclaimed autonomous neighbourhood of about 850 residents, covering 34 hectares (84 acres) in the borough of Christianshavn in the Danish capital Copenhagen.[26]
Frestonia1977Freston Road in west London staged a "secession" from the United Kingdom as Frestonia. In a legal dispute regarding the unauthorised performance of his play The Immortalist, Heathcote Williams won a ruling from the UK courts that Frestonia was for this purpose not part of the UK.[27]
Global Country of World Peace2000"A country without borders for peace loving people everywhere" created by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, with capitals at MERU, Holland and Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa.[28]Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam
Hajdučka Republika Mijata Tomića2002A protest project (based on Vran mountain, in Blidinje Nature Park, Bosnia and Herzegovina) started by a local because of inefficiency of problems with the local electricity supply.[29]Vinko Vukoja Lastvić
Hay-on-Wye1977A town in Wales that was declared independent by bibliophile Richard Booth as a publicity stunt. Booth's success in promoting Hay as a "town of books" was recognised with the award of an MBE in the 2004 Queen's New Year Honours.[30]Richard Booth
Humanity1878A former micronation, occupying the Spratly Islands, which merged into the Republic of Morac-Songhrati-Meads in September 1963.[31]
Hutt River1970A large farming area in Western Australia that unilaterally seceded from theCommonwealth and declared itself to be a sovereign nation. It was known as the Hutt River Province until 2007.[1]:22Leonard Casley75 km2
Republic of Jamtland1963A Swedish province, formerly a part of NorwayEwert Ljusberg
Kugelmugel1984A ball-shaped house built by artist Edwin Lipburger, located in the Vienna Prater.[1]:82-83Edwin Lipburger7.68m in diameter1 (in exile)
Ladonia1980A micronation created by Swedish artist Lars Vilks as the home to sculptures created by him in the Kullaberg nature reserve in north-west Skåne.[1]:136
Lagoan Isles2005The creation of a self-styled Grand Duke Louis, who claims that three tiny islands in aPortsmouth pond are not owned by the local council, and so has declared them an independent state.[1]:86Louis Stephans
L'Anse-Saint-Jean1997A micronation started to promote tourism in a small Quebec town.Denys Tremblay
Llanrwst1276[citation needed]A town in North Wales declared a "free borough" by a Welsh prince which unsuccessfully applied to the United Nations in 1947.Llywelyn the Last
Kingdom of Lovely2004An Internet-based micronation founded by Danny Wallace as part of the BBC TV seriesHow to Start Your Own Country, claiming the flat of its creator as sovereign territory.[1]:28Danny Wallace ? ?
(58,000 registered online)
Lundy1925An island off the west coast of England, which historically (1100–1200s AD) had semi-independent status or claimed independence from England under various warlords. Between 1925 and 1931 its owner declared himself King and minted coins but did not declare formal independence.Martin Coles Harman
Marlborough1993A short lived micronation in Australia whose creator declared his farm an independent country to try to avoid eviction after bankruptcy. He was evicted less than a week later by police, was later prosecuted and has since abandoned any claim of independence.[32]George Muirhead
Melchizedek1986The Dominion of Melchizedek (DoM) is a micronation known largely for facilitating large scale banking fraud in many parts of the world.Richard James McDonald
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