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Two drops of water do not reveal the force of a monsoon, nevertheless it is coming.

        Our purpose with the League Foundation it’s to search, gather, protect and orientate the possible existing Extraordinary Human Beings. 

        To search: find the whereabouts of ancient, actual or recent Human Beings with capabilities beyond the normal standard;

        To gather: create a personal database and log diary for each one, promote and schedule global or partial meetings around the world between them;

        To protect: ensure the seriousness of the League proposal, secure the identity of each one;

        To guide: establish a strong core for protection, education and guidance of the human population and the Nature within the Planet itself.


        The name 'Extraordinary Gentlemen' it is not vinculative only to one gender (men in this case), it relates the Extraordinary and Gentle Human kindness and altruism of both men and women, and other kind of beings for that matter.

        In our imaginary of childhood, transmitted mainly by the spoken word of our ancient folklore, rests the remains of stories of extraordinary human beings that achieved great deeds, continuously beyond their normal capabilities. If those tales and legends were told generation after generation, it might mean that those persons could, and possibly can, exist. Even if some are fruit of our imagination, it only means that it can be done, that it can happen, just because our minds only conceive ideas that are imaginable, that they can create.

        Some Beings (Human or not) can be considered to be part of fictional worlds, nevertheless they  could be accepted within another alternative universe altogether, through the concept that the Energy that created the Idea of them in a form of an image (bi or tridimensional) was conceived within an idealized Space related to its universe. We only see what our eyes give to us, everything else are represented in they own existence in parallel universes: 

Rien ne se perd, rien ne se crée, tout se transforme.”