Welcome to the LeadFreeDC Campaign page of the Environmental Justice Committee - DC Sierra Club

Quick reminder about the mission of our 2016 EJC Campaigns 

The EJC - Sierra DC Chapter members are currently working in support and leadership in the following community campaigns that address community environmental inequality, with the aim to strengthen diversity and foster local environmental stewardship:

Campaigns (2016)

These are the targets we want to meet

  • Provide technical capacity and support when needed to community-based organizations, partner organizations and local advocates.  
  • Submit testimony in legislative procedures related to each of the campaigns. 
  • Promote issues, and create Fact Sheets or community-wide communication materials 
  • Collaborate with other DC Chapter SierraClub committees to strengthen diversity of issues and membership base. 
  • Develop and foster healthy partnerships with local social and environmental justice community-based organizations.

This is what our organisation will do to achieve our goals

  • Attend and provide support at local community rallies, teach-ins and community canvasses/meetings on environmental justice related issues and demands.  
  • Provide technical expertise, create maps, review and analyze reports, respond to community technical needs. 
  • Draft letters of support on initiatives, attend legislative council rounds, use members' network to serve community needs by creating opportunities for connections and act as liaisons of healthy relations between stakeholders.  
  • more to come based on community specific needs

Measurable Objectives:

  1. Present written testimony on Bills and Public Hearings to the Council, with feedback and next steps.
  2. Publish fact sheets, white papers, and research reports or infographics specific to issues.
  3. Success measures, increased number of solar jobs, or establishment of a solar jobs path on a community-based (CBO) workforce program.
  4. Lead testing improvements, new laws approved, new processes established, funding approved for specific modernization.
  5. Buzzard Point, DOEE and DC agencies appropriate response to health concerns, meet the goals set forth by community leaders.
  6. Establish a community best practices to organize an EJ campaign for communities facing environmental, health & development inequality burdens.   


  • RPS testimony by DC Sierra Club - Google Docs.pdf   189k - Jun 24, 2016, 12:52 PM by Sierra Club EJ Committee (v1)
  • LeadTestinginPublicFaciltiestestimonybyDCSierraClub.pdf   125k - Jun 24, 2016, 12:52 PM by Sierra Club EJ Committee (v1)
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