What courses do we offer?

The Leadership and Management specialisation leads to a:

  1. Graduate Certificate of Organisational Learning - [Recognised as an IB Certificate of Leadership]
  2. Graduate Certificate of Education (Leadership & Management)
  3. Master of Education (Leadership & Management) - [Recognised as an IB Advanced Certificate in Leadership Research]
  4. Master of Education (Leadership and Management) via Dissertation
  5. Master of Educational Leadership and Management (NanKai University)

Graduates can apply to progress towards a:

·       Doctor of Education

·       Doctor of Philosophy

What topics do we teach?

·         strategic thinking and planning

·         leadership and management in rural communities

·         leaders and leadership in educational contexts

·         organisational change

·         managing human resources

·         leading knowledge management

·         planning change in organizations

·         educational governance*

        pedagogical leadership

·         developing people and organizations

·         managing innovation in organisations

·         Globalisation (sustainable education)

·         leadership & management in education*

·         financial management

·         project management

·         coursework preparation

·         coursework project


What content is taught?

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