Smarter - Faster learning; the curve of forgetting and more on the edge.

Welcome to this page.  This is part of our Knowledge Management Strategy.
Every organization needs an Academy as transfer of knowledge is where the bottle neck should be.
The Academy has Trainingscourses and interactive learning eBooks, referring a lot to the e.g. the Wikipedia for basic data, video's on e.g. youtube.  But we take things a step further ... our TC's are accompanied with a Memorising toolkit !  Here you'll find out what this is ... enjoy!

Mnemosyne & The Curve of forgetting or Fast Learning

Mnemosyne; open source accelerated learning based upon your curve of forgetting

Again: how to bring resources (y)our way with this? Join our team applying for funds to develop e.g. fast learning language cards for Monusco Blue Helmets and the local language where they are hosted. Contact us

  1. Funding for making Memorising Toolkits for your Trainingscourse: Directorate General for Education / Life Long Learning or discuss with your development bank/funding agency.  You will amaze them !
  2. Flipping classrooms
    1. A virtual space, this virtual space, the link between a website, it's back-office, shared collaborative documents, a memory and knowledge management system for your organisation? A short series of video's to learn how it works.
  3. One Laptopschool Per Child; Open Source-, Open Hardware-, Open Robotics - laptopschool
  5. NLP Neuro-Linguistic-Programming
  6. How to learn things 10 x faster
  7. The first 20 hours -- how to learn anything | Josh Kaufman | TEDxCSU - YouTube
  8. - smart flashcards made and share by others who want to learn the same as you
  9. More: Contact us
  1. For every topic you've started to watch, you can add a column in the below score-board and give yourself a point!

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