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    1. "The owner of the world's most capable communication satellite just went bankrupt.
    2. We're fundraising to buy it.
    3. So we can move it.
    4. To connect millions of people who will turn access into opportunity."
    5. Sven AERTS: We lost the bid. Meanwhile, we support other similar initiatives
    8. Contact us for more info and explain us how you see your role.
  2. Obtain parts in a cooperative manufacturing iPi Solar Library Internet in a Box
  3. Obtain parts in a cooperative manufacturing iFacteur - iPost: The bike/lorry of the postman is equipped with a raspberry pi open community & hardware stripped wifi computer capable of receiving and delivering email as it passes along. Great solution if there is no internet or intermittent internet.
  4. Obtain parts in a cooperative manufacturing  iAmbulance Bikes Bicyclette: we weld ambulance bikes, equipped with iFacteur - iPost
  5. Obtain parts in a cooperative manufacturing iCommoditiesExchanges: we equip the radio stations with a raspberry pi computer and gsm number.
  6. Obtain parts in a cooperative supporting an OLPC - One Laptopschool Per Child Transformational Projects / Une Ecole Laptop Par Enfant - UELPE Expert Centre and obtain the CO2e Certificates.

Nous co-investissons dans l'achat d'une sattelite

iPi-Solar Library

iPi-Solar Commodities Exchange via the radio transmission antenna's