Flagship Events

Flagship events are events that are of such capital importance to you and your organisation that you simply HAVE to participate or align with them if not you will suffer the dire consequences. You will really loose position in your market or your life will really not be the same - you will really miss out.

You know that every organisation and you yourself HAVE to take some time every so many months to re-evaluate: are you still on track? Where did we come from? What were our goals? Are we on target? If not what do we need to do to get back on track? What resources do we need? Can we find them in our network? Talk to our share-holders for additional capital - our financiers - ou banker?

So? Do you do such strategic management sessions? And what logical framework do you use?

Image: The result of a strategic management workshop on flagship events by one of the teams.  This team decided to make a collage of all the events that were important to them and visualize them in this collage.

For youth - upto and including 25 yrs - our trainingscourse can be paid for with the Erasmus+ funding.

To co-organize or participate in one of our Flagship Event - Strategic Management Sessions: contact skype SvenAERTS

Dump overview of past flagship events in which we participated in

Every year we invite participants to our network to dump all the flagship events 
they and we participated in and developed logo's and documents for here below.

2015-25 UN Decade for People of African Descent
NU Décennie des personnes d'Ascendance Africaine


Leadership Development using the UN Observances

The date, one of the two solstices, is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and has special significance in many parts of the world, often related to life, peace, open-mindness, respect and kinship.  Over 170 nations supported the nomination, the highest of all UN Days of Observance ever.

Live Earth 18th of June 2015 #EYD2015 #Action2015 – Road to Paris Gearing up momentum

2014 Cape Town World Design Capital

2013 UN International 
Year of Water Cooperation

Nantes = 2013 EU Green Capital

Kosice and Marseille Province
2013 EU Capitals of Culture
Maribor - Slovenia EU Youth Capital 2013

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