Welcome to our starting page to work on / celebrate the 2015-25 UN International Decade for people of African Descent!

Something special happened today: one of the artworks I've made has been selected participate in the parlamentarium brussels exhibition brokenships - today we went over to hand it in at this UN World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development ! Touché ! :) The work is named "burned ships, broken dreams". It's a wig shaped piece of wood cut from a broken ship that washed ashore carrying no more boat refugees.  The art object is embedded in an art project, invite us to make one or more and fundraise for your projects that help people in ways so they don't feel they have to use these too dangerous means to pursue their dreams, use it to inspire to open doors to dreams.
Hello, welcome. / Bonjour!
Bonjour, je m'appelle Sven AERTS. Bienvenue sur cette page.  Je peux vous promettre que vous allez vivre et apprendre des choses TRES intéressantes   Rejoignez donc notre équippe !  Si tu ne sais plus quoi faire, contactez nous.

Nous supposons que vous avez suivi l'atelier de base avec Modi NTAMBWE dans l'Insitut de Mentorat? Sinon: Modi NTAMBWE - L'Insitut de Mentorat - Comment fonctionne ce Bureau Virtuel? Atelier par des petits vidéos.

Hi, I'm Sven AERTS. Welcome to this page.  I promis you'll live and learn some very interesting stuff, so join and team up! If you don't know what to do anymore or get stuck, contact us.

We assume you've followed our initiation workshop with our Modi NTAMBWE at the Leadership development Institute ? If not Modi NTAMBWE - Leadership Development Institute - How does this Virtuel Office work? Workshop with little video's.
Picture 1: HUB21 Art - wins a first price with their piece and art project "Burned ships, Broken Dreams". Picture 2: Sven AERTS and Blue Helmet Lt. Dr. VOGEL UNFOR - Sarajevo during the World Youth Peace Summit. One of a series of events on Peace Restauration during the Balkan Civil Wars.