Pre-Conference Events

To be hosted on Classroom 2.0 with Steve Hargadon via Elluminate. There will be no charge for these virtual events and you do not have to register or attend the Leadership Bootcamp event in order to participate in any of the virtual sessions.

March 10, 7pm MST  (UTC/GMT -7) Link to Elluminate Archive
   Bud Hunt
   Strand 1 Focus and Introduction to the Leadership Bootcamp  

Amplified, Customized, & Maximized

In this first preconference conversation, Bud Hunt will introduce the Leadership Bootcamp, talk about how to get involved, and also discuss how learning networks have, do and will continue to play a major role in communication practices.  Specifically, he'll talk about how your own personal learning network can be amplified, customized, and maximized and how the structures of the Leadership Bootcamp can help you to do so.  

April 14, 7pm MDT (UTC/GMT -6) - Link to Elluminate Archive 
   Dr. Larry Anderson - National Center for Technology Planning 
   Strand 4 Focus: Building Policy to Support Vision

Technology Policy for 21st Century School Leaders

Policies are an integral part of an education leader's life.  Instead of grumbling about them, can we turn our policies into visioning tools for showcasing the best of what we'd like to see in our schools? Join Dr. Larry Anderson as we take a trip through acceptable use policy including how to address the use of cell phones and social media in schools. During the session, we will discuss the differences between policy and procedure, highlight good examples of policy that serves vision, and talk about ways to make policy writing a piece of your visioning process.

Have a copy of your school or district Acceptable Use Policy handy for reference during the discussion.

May 5, 7pm MDT (UTC/GMT -6)
Kim Cofino Link to Elluminate Archive
Strand 2 Focus: Communication and Collaboration Tools

The 21st Century Learner

Looking to engage your students through the use of new technologies? Wondering about the key skills and attributes they will need for their future? Ready to start adapting your classroom to the needs of the 21st century learner? In this presentation we will focus on strategies for helping students learn with technology the way they live with technology. Bring the engagement and excitement students have about connected learning into your classroom by embracing the new technologies and skills students are experiencing outside of school. All resources and materials used in this presentation can be found on the presentation wiki.

June 7, 7pm MDT (UTC/GMT -6) -

   Dean Shareski - Link to Elluminate Archive
   Strand 3 Focus: Communication and Collaboration Practices

Messy and Out of Control: Now What Do We Do?

As leaders, we may be aware of the power of technology to communicate and collaborate but these tools can, and are, threatening "business as usual" in schools. So we're faced with some big challenges and questions. Easy answers don't exist. Come join us as we examine the complexity of some of these practices and share successes, failures and hope for something better.

June 25 - ISTE/TIE Leadership Bootcamp Kickoff Event and Colorado Corporate Showcase
Sponsored by TIE Colorado's Corporate Exhibitors, this evening reception will be an opportunity to network with others attending the event. 

Join us from 5:00pm–7:00pm,  at the Hyatt Regency Centennial Foyer

(This event is limited to attendees registered for the Leadership Bootcamp on June 26)

Leadership Bootcamp Ning - The Ning is open to everyone. You do not have to register or attend the Leadership Bootcamp event in order to participate in the Ning.