The ISTE+TIE Leadership Bootcamp 2010 is designed to provide leadership teams and individual leaders a chance:

  • To build capacity for change at all levels
  • To explore emerging communication tools and platforms for vertical and horizontal communication
  • To work meaningfully with others and share best practices and ideas
  • To develop a plan for implementing and evaluating processes to transform communication and provide for collaboration at their school districts
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  • Administrators at at the school, district, and state level
  • Teachers, Librarians, and Instructional staff
  • IT support

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The TIE Colorado/ISTE Leadership Bootcamp is an event designed to build understanding, facilitate conversations, and develop a framework for change. Leaders from all levels (school and district administrators, IT professionals, classroom teachers, librarians, district coordinators, and others) will engage in a day of learning and thinking that will lead to developing a working plan for improving communication and collaboration practices in their school or district.

The Bootcamp will be held on Friday, June 25, from 5-7pm and Saturday, June 26, 8-5 at the Denver Hyatt Regency Hotel prior to the ISTE 2010 conference in Denver.
During the day, you'll have a chance to interact with other technology advocates as you learn from a panel of experts who embody effective communication and collaboration practices including:
The Leadership Bootcamp will include four areas of focus:
  • Creating and Maximizing Learning Networks
    • How does knowledge of the networks around us help us to work more effectively?
    • From your role, how can developing a learning network help you?
    • What learning networks are already there for you to join? 
    • What networks can you help to create/support/learn/grow?
  • Communication and Collaboration Tools
    • What can communications tools do for your organization?
    • What tools help us to better communicate? Which ones don't?
    • How are the tools of the read/write Web creating new opportunities for communication?
  • Communication and Collaboration Practices
    • How do we communicate?  Where?  When?  To Whom?
    • What considerations need to be at the forefront as you develop practices within your school or district community?
    • How might you create, facilitate, and encourage the use of digital spaces?
  • Building Policy to Support Vision
    • Thinking about your district and school vision, what policies are in place that either support or restrict your ability to communicate with digital tools?
    • What changes to your policies will help you reach your vision?

The Leadership Bootcamp will provide avenues for participants to explore and exchange ideas about what good digital communication and collaboration looks and sounds like from multiple perspectives. The Bootcamp day will include a selection of breakout sessions, a morning keynote by Jeff Piontek, a panel session and luncheon conversation moderated by Chris Lehmann and much more.  In addition, there are several free online events that will occur prior to June 26, including four virtual sessions hosted by Classroom 2.0 and online discussions centered around the Bootcamp themes:
March 10,  7:00 PM-MST    Creating and Maximizing Learning Networks 
Bud Hunt, Instructional Technologist, St. Vrain Valley School District, Longmont, Colorado

April 14,  7:00 PM-MST       Building Policy to Support Vision
Dr. Larry Anderson, Founder,  National Center for Technology Planning

May 5, 7:00 PM-MST           Communication and Collaboration Tools
Kim Cofino, 21st Century Literacy Specialist, International School, Bangkok, Thailand

June 2, 7:00 PM MST          Communication & Collaboration Practices
Dean Shareski, Digital Learning Consultant Prairie South School Division, Moose Jaw, SK, Canada

Fall 2010 - Date to be announced         Follow-up conversation on successes and challenges
Michelle Bourgeois, Instructional Technology Coordinator, St. Vrain Valley School District
Alison Saylor, Computer Science Teacher, Everitt Middle School 

(Visit the Pre-Conference Sessions Page to access the session descriptions and archives)

Join the conversation at the Leadership Bootcamp Ning.

Those attending the Bootcamp on June 26 are also invited to the Leadership Bootcamp Kickoff Event and Colorado Corporate Showcase on the evening of June 25. Sponsored by TIE Colorado's Corporate Exhibitors, this evening reception will be an opportunity to network with others attending the event.

Following the ISTE 2010 conference, a followup virtual event led by Bootcamp Co-chairs Michelle Bourgeois and Alison Saylor will occur in the Fall of 2010 so that participants may report on progress, share successes, ask questions, reconnect with friends from the day, and set next steps.

We hope you will join us for one or all of these exciting opportunities! The fee for the full Bootcamp day on June 26 (including lunch) is $155 (this includes the evening kickoff on June 25). Register soon at the ISTE 2010 website - spots will fill up quickly.