Kodak Suprema 1938-39

Tomei Collection




The Suprema was offered by Kodak for about one year between 1938 and 1939.  Although there were rumors of the addition of a rangefinder, the events in Germany and the beginnings of WWII put an end to it.  When production terminated in 1939, only 1791 cameras were built and released for sale.


The Suprema is a rare camera, especially for Kodak, because of the very low number produced.  However rare it may be, in fact it has never caught the interest of the collector market. The reason is quite unknown.














The Suprema was a self-erecting folding rollfilm camera taking 620 film and producing 6 x 6 cm images.  It was supplied with a Schneider-Xenar f/3.5 80mm lens and a Compur-Rapid shutter.