Kodak Six-20 UK Model C 1933-37

Tomei Collection


The Six-20 model was offered from January 1932 through 1937 in the U.K.  It had been redesigned in 1933 as the Model C with both folding nickel plated frame as well as the brilliant finder located on the lens stand.  A Kodak shutter is mounted with the K.S. Anastigmat f/6.3 10.5cm lens.   It is marked as having been built in London.


These are among the most beautiful Kodak cameras produced during this period having a combination of black enameling and nickel plated features.  It takes 21/4x31/4in. pictures on 620 rollfilm.








This is one of my favorite cameras in the collection.  Although the 620 rollfilm is not widely available these days, it can be loaded with 120 film re-rolled on to the 620 spool. The self-cocking shutter works well at all speeds, although it has only three speeds from which to choose.  The lens is clear and free of marks and the brilliant finder is bright with only minor marks on the internal mirror.  The enameling is in fine condition as is the bright nickel plating.