Kodak Six-16 1934-36

Tomei Collection


Kodak had long practiced the strategy of launching new models that were linked with new types of film.  This is the first model to be designed to use the slimmer roll of 116 size film, the type 616, that permitted a more thin body style and created a new product simultaneously.  It was also another of the beautifully enameled models with bright contrasting nickel plating on both the end panels as well as the struts.  This US model was available in black or brown (the latter will be added as soon as I find where I packed it).


The example shown below was built some time between May, 1934, and June, 1936, based on the enameling on the improved struts as well as the unusual Compur-Rapid shutter with speeds of 1 sec to 1/400 sec.  It should be noted that the lens is the upgraded Kodak Anastigmat f/4.5 version which, according to published opinions, was normally found only on the folding model and not the self-erecting version as seen here.  Some U.K. cameras were equipped with the optional Zeiss Tessar f/4.5 which was of the same design as the Kodak Anastigmat lens.

Generally, the U.S. Six-16 appeared with several combinations of lens and shutter during the slightly more than 4 year production run.  This example seems to be very unusual and may have been a special order version.  Records are not always clear.


Right and below: This example was built between February 1934 and August 1935 and has the more conventional f/6.3 100mm Kodak Anastigmat lens, Kodon shutter, and enameled baseboard struts.  It has the US lens board with its deco octagonal shape, unlike the Compur-Rapid version above that used the German manufactured shutter.























The earliest version, produced up to May 1934, had the chrome self-erecting struts shown here on a brown enameled model. These were significantly more prone to faliure than were those with the later improved strut design.  They apparently all had black bellows which were much more durable than the colored bellows used on several other models.  This camera is equipped with the f/6.3 lens and is number 47804.