Kodak Signet 35 Air Force 1952

Tomei Collection


The Signet 35 was available in two military versions: An olive drab model for the US Army and US Signal Corps, and a model intended for the US Air Force which has black anodized metal in place of chrome.  A limited number of these models were available for civilian use. This example is the black US Air Force model and has the remnants of a plate which had originally been mounted on the bottom. Many surviving examples have had their military markings removed presumably when they were removed from service or appropriated through unofficial channels in a manner of speaking. 


These cameras were not marked with typical serial numbers on the body.  Consequently dating can only been estimated based upon the Kodak Ektra lens number prefix.  The Kodak Ektra on this example is serial number RA17200.  The RA prefix indicates it was produced in 1952 based on the "camerosity" code created originally in 1940.


Although it is difficult to see in the above image, the leatherette appliqué on the top retained the camera model and arrows embossed rather than brightly painted as on civilian chromed models (above).

The camera was loaded by removing the entire back which has the mirror-finish film pressure plate (right).

The marks of the identification plate that had been mounted on the botton can be seen (left).