Kodak Retinette Type 012 1949-51

Tomei Collection

The Retinette 012 was introduced in 1949 and was in production through 1951. It was outwardly similar to the pre-war Retina Type 149 but is significantly lighter due to the less complex and expensive shutter and focusing assemblies and the use of basic aluminum hardware in place of chrome-plated brass as in the Retina.


Kodak production in Germany supplied Kodak Pathé in France with cameras without lens and shutter. These cameras were then equipped with the f/4.5 or f/2.8 50mm Angenieux lens and basic Kodak shutter and sold as the Retinette 1A.  In Germany, Kodak equipped a very limited number with the superior Ennatar f/4.5 50mm lens and Prontor-S shutter.  More commonly, German cameras were mounted with the Schneider Reomar f/4.5 50mm lens.  Overall, approximately 61,000 Type 012 Retinette cameras were produced according to Coe.

Here the French Retinette 1A (L) is shown beside the pre-war Retina Type 149 (R).














Also shown is the Retinette 012 on which is mounted the Prontor-S shutter with 10 sec self timer and multiple synch modes. The lens is the uncommon Ennatar f/4.5 50mm produced by Enna with front focusing. This version is of unusually high quality for the Retinette  model line which was supposed to be the less expensive companion to the more sophisticated Retina.