Kodak Retina Type 141 1937-39

Tomei Collection

The Type 141 was among the last Retina models to be produced in pre-War Germany.  According to Coe, it was based upon the Type 119 and was the first Retina to incorporate a body release and a taller rewind knob with 7 milled rows.  By the time production ceased some time in 1939, Kodak reportedly had sold 31,749.





The Type 141 was available with either the Schneider Xenar or Ektar f/3.5 50mm lenses.  Also available were either the Compur or Compur-Rapid shutters. Some examples are found with or without the accessory shoe as shown here.

The Tessar-inspired Kodak Anastigmat was passing through a new phase of marketing and the name Ektar began to appear.  By 1941, it was no longer called the Kodak Anastigmat Ektar, but rather simply the Ektar lens. Also, the serial numbers of the pre-war Ektar lenses were changed in 1941 to new coded system.