Kodak 3A Series III 1941-43

Tomei Collection

The last member of the large 3A models went into production in July 1941, just a few months before the U.S. entered the Second World War.  Kodak discontinued production of this venerable camera in August 1943 having reportedly sold only a very few.  At $53.00 (the equivalent of about $620.00 today), the price was significantly less than the 3A Series II.  Although a simple frame finder was added, there were several cost-saving features in this otherwise rather expensive camera.  First, instead of offering two lens/shutter combinations, including the excellent f/4.5 Kodak Anastigmat lens mounted in a Compur shutter, the Series III came with a single combination of Kodamatic shutter and f/6.3 Kodak Anastigmat.


Although both Series II and III were beautifully crafted of black enamel and nickel plating with black leather, the supple leather bellows of the Series II gave way to the stiff imitation leatherette bellows of the Series III which were prone to failure especially when exposed to sunlight over time.  McKeown lists both the Series II and III as "rare".  That may be true since few were actually sold during their short production runs.

The Series III is very similar to the Series II shown (right) for comparison.  (See the Kodak 3A Series II)











The Series III took 31/4 x 41/4 pictures on 122 rollfilm.  The camera was focused by means of a lever to the right of the lens stand.  The stand had a rise/fall adjuster permitting single axis perspective control.