Kodak 3A Series II 1936-41

Tomei Collection



The Kodak 3A Series II (see also Series III) was an apparent anachronism even in 1936 when it was first introduced.  The 3A model taking type A122  film had been in production since 1914 in one version or another. 


Two mint examples of this model are in the collection, no. 2058 and no. 7241.  These cameras have the 170mm f/6.3 Anastigmat lens which was used between April 1936 and July 1940.  The camera and its components were of very high quality though not very technologically advanced. The art deco style black enameling, nickel plating and solid high quality construction provided a highly reliable camera to the market that was priced at $75.00 in 1936 (the equivalent of about $2500 today).


Images are of no. 7241.

The 3A Series II is uncommon probably due to the fact the it was marketed by Kodak during a brief period when the USA was recovering from the Depression. Along with the Bantam Special and Retina II, this model anticipated economic recovery and in 1941, a Series III was launched at a reduced price. However, a few months later the Country was plunged into WWII and in early 1943 the 3A model was discontinued forever.