Kodak 35 Military Model 1941-43

Tomei Collection

The civilian model of the Kodak 35 was the first 35mm camera produced by Kodak in the USA and was available from 1938 through 1948.  During WWII an olive drab model was built for the US Army and Signal Corps until about 1943 when the rangefinder model became available.   A number of lens and shutter combinations were offered in civilian models over the decade that it was in production. However, the military model, designated PH-324, was equipped only with the Kodak Anastigmat 51mm f/4.5 lens.

This example was found painted with heavy black paint presumably to conceal its origins. The military plate had been mounted on the two brass rivets located to the right of the lens but was removed by a previous owner.       On the back of the camera the remnant of the "PH-324" desgnation can still be seen. The serial number 136017 can also be seen stamped in the bottom plate.  

This camera is believed to have been built between 1941 and 1943. Recent Auction Prices:  Recent prices have been very strong ranging from $250 to as high as $760 depending on the condition of the camera and the bidder.