More of the collection (A-K)

Tomei Collection

Over the past few years I have photographed the cameras, some cleaned and restored, others merely brushed off. Here are some of those older images. Please excuse the quality. They pre-date the advent of my D70, which is 4 years old and now qualifies as a vintage DSLR itself.


More of the collection:





Adrette I 1939


 Kandor  Candid 1939























Rochester Camera MFG, Gem Poco 1895






 Argus A3 1940-42 



Argus C 1938-39


Argus CC 1941-42 

Argus Minca 28 and Camro 28 1947-48

Bencini Comet 1951 








W. Butcher & Sons Carbine 1912




Exa type 4 1956-59




Graflex 35 1955-57


Acro Scientific Products Co. 

Model R c1942  


Agfa Karat 6.3 1937 

Argus 21 Markfinder 1947-52 

Argus FA 1950

Shot with one of my favorite old cameras, the Argus FA .



Beacon II with original flash shield

Bilora Bella 44 1962

Ciro Cameras Inc., Ciro 35 Model S in black and chrome bodies 1949-54

 Ensign Speed Film Reflex 1929

Graflex 3A 1908