Ernemann Heag XII Mod.II 1906

Tomei Collection


"HEAG" is an acronym for Heinrich Ernemann Aktien Gesellschaft. The Ernemann HEAG XII camera line was originally introduced in 1906 and was used to describe a broad range of models through about 1926. This example is the 6.5x9cm Heag Modell II built in c1906-09 and is the earliest variation of the model series.  It is shown with its original carton and carrier with separate case for the 6.5x9cm film holders. It has the Ernemann Detektiv Aplanat f/6.8 No.0 lens.








The Heag XII Model II (1906) has double extension red leather bellows and the Ernemann Detektiv Aplanat f/6.8 No. 0 lens.  This early model was produced from 1906 through 1909 when it was replaced by a redesigned version with a different lens stand and viewfinder placement.  When the camera is opened, the viewfinder mount is engaged with a gear coupled to the strut and the lens swings upward through a 180 degree arc while the rear sight rises from the body. A delicate mechanism often found broken.