Certo Super Dollina II 1956

Tomei Collection

Certo had introduced the Dollina I in 1935 and the Certo Dollina II in 1936 which were very successful in a highly competitive market.  This led to the introduction of improved models including the Super Dollina in 1938.  This model was re-introduced into production in 1946 after WWII and was met with even greater success for the company.  In 1951 the Super Dollina II appeared but the market and politics began to have their effect and the company was eventually nationalized.  The example shown here was built in 1956 and is equipped with the GDR components.  Although a fine camera, it was no longer competitive on the world market.


According to McKeown, this model also appeared as the Super Certo II and Certo Super 35.  Production numbers were presumably high as evidenced by the fact that this model is rather common after a half century.


This example is in reasonably good condition.  The Vebur shutter  works reliably with 1 sec through 1/250 sec.  The Carl Zeiss Jena 50mm f/2.8 coated lens is very sharp.  The coupled rangefinder is easy to use and the recessed chrome knobs are very convenient.

Recent Auction Prices:  These have hovered around $40 to $75 depending upon condition.  The price of this model is a bit lower than the earlier Dollina II.

The Super Dollina was available with a variety of lens/shutter combinations including the relatively rare f/2.0 Heligon lens with a Synchro-Compur shutter.  Note that the Zeiss lens is marked with 1Q symbol which for a time was required by the GDR to indicate that the lenses produced by Zeiss Jena were of first quality.  Similarly, the "one" inside a triangle indicated the quality of the GDR Vebur shutter.   It should also be mentioned that the Vebur 250 shutter was apparently the GDR equivalent for the Compur 300 shutter although other Compur shutters were available on this model.  Since no serial numbers were placed on the Vebur shutters, the date of production of this camera can be estimated by the Tessar serial number.  In this instance, 4403112 indicates a production date of c1956.  The Super Dollina II was produced through the early 1970's.