Argus C2/C3 Bausch & Lomb Lens               1939
The Tomei Collection

The Bausch & Lomb 75mm f/5.6 Telephoto lens produced for the Argus C2 and C3 cameras is an exceedingly rare item.  According to Lahue and Bailey in Glass, Brass, & Chrome (see References), B&L manufactured the Cintar f3.5 50mm anastigmat triplet lenses in 1938-39.  Very few 75mm lenses were produced for a brief time with the B&L name and were never put into regular production.  These lenses were provided to dealers but were available at prices that rivalled similar lens from Leitz and Zeiss.

Phil Sterritt was kind enough to share information as well as several images that together make up the bulk of what I know about this rare lens.  As can be seen above, a few C3 models were specially fit with the 75mm B&L lens.  The lens required adjustments that matched the 75mm lens with a particular C2 or C3 body.

The lens shown here is No. 01556.  It is marked as a Telephoto f/5.6 75mm lens housed in a mount that appears to be quite similar to the Argus Cintar lenses.  

Although it is marked as a telephoto lens, it would seem to be of an unconventional design for the time.  In addition, the stops were not in common use in 1939 and did not become standard on Cintar lenses until after WWII.

An advertisement appeared late in 1939 which offered the B&L telephoto lens for $37.50 (image kindly provided by Phil Sterritt).  This was equivalent to approximately $550.00 today and was not inexpensive.

This page will be updated as I continue to gather information on this unusual lens.