Agfa Ansco Readyset Royal 1A 1925-32

Tomei Collection

The Agfa Readyset models were introduced in the 1920's in direct competition with the new colored Kodak models. They were stylish with bright unusual colors and textured grains simulating Silver Fox and Ostrich leathers.  Along with the Kodak Vanity series, the Readyset Royal models targeted the booming market for stylish clothes and matching accessories.


Agfa merged with Ansco in 1928 and the camera shown here is the model 1A produced from 1928 to 1932 at the onset of the Great Depression when the market for fanciful cameras could have been expected to fade rapidly.  However, it did not. Cameras became family treasures even more.




These cameras have rich ostrich grained leather covers and russet leather bellows.  None the less, they are considered to be common in spite of their attractive designs.