Here you will find more information about the various internship opportunities at the public affairs offices around globe. 

Each internship has a different job description and application process. Select a specific location from the menu on the lefthand side of the page for additional details on each internship.

If you are unsure about interning with the public affairs offices, please feel free to learn more about LDS Public Affairs on their website

The Core Purpose of Public Affairs: "Though public affairs work focuses on those not of our faith, conversion is not its main goal. Public affairs is primarily concerned with helping priesthood leaders to establish positive relationships with key individuals. These individuals, commonly referred to as opinion leaders, are those who can affect the public reputation of the Church or who can help or hinder the Church in the achievement of its mission. Building these relationships constitutes the core purpose of public affairs. Public affairs also helps the Church communicate its message through positive media relations."

                                                                     -- Taken from the Public Affairs Training Website