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To submit an essay, please send email. Thanks.

We suggest the following guidelines for items submitted for the "What We're Reading" column.  
  • Length:  Try to keep it between two and four normal Microsoft Word pages.  If the essay is much longer, maybe we can break it in pieces and run it over two or three weeks, or see if you can do a condensed version and we can post a link to the full version.  We don't want to cramp anyone's style, but I think it'll work better if the essays are roughly the same length.
  • Tone:  Polished but personal.  Charitable as well.  We may disapprove of the conduct of others, but LDS Earth Stewardship writing ought to reflect our doctrine of charity.
  • Substance:  Any reflections on the relationship between stewardship and the environment are welcome.  Stewardship perspectives that are uniquely LDS or are based especially on uniquely LDS scripture are especially welcome.