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Church Magazines

A. B. Morrison, " Our Deteriorating Environment"  Ensign, August 1971

Richard Olsen, “Ecology, Pollution, and Consumerism,” New Era, Sep 1971, 20

Robert J. Matthews, “What the Scriptures Say About: Ecology,” New Era, Mar 1972, 38

Gerald Jones, "The Gospel and Animals" Ensign, August 1972

Sharon Dequer, "Discovering Nature," Ensign, June 1977

G. Michael Alder, “Earth—A Gift of Gladness,” Ensign, Jul 1991, 27

Spencer Garvey, “What It Means to Be Green,” New Era, Jul 1992, 21

"Using Earth’s Resources Well", Ensign, Sep 1993, 54

Russell M. Nelson, "The Creation", Ensign, May 2000, 84

Matthew Baker, “All Creatures Great and Small,” New Era, October 2000

Mark J. Nielsen, "The Wonder of the Creation", Ensign, Mar 2004, 60–65

Other Publications

Kindness to Animals and Caring for the Earth, compiled by Richard Stratton.  This is a nice compilation of quotations from General Authorities and Hugh Nibley on our responsibilities toward the Earth and nature.

Stewardship and the Creation: LDS Perspectives on the Environment.  Eds. George Handley, Terry Ball, and Steven Peck.  Provo: Religious Studies Center, 2006.

New Genesis: A Mormon Reader on Land and Community. edited by Terry Tempeswt Williams, Willam B. Smart and Gibb Smith, Gibb Smith Publisher, SLC, UT, 1998. The book consists of 40 essays by Mormon authors, ranging broadly around the general purpose of Earth stewardship.

"The Environmental Ethics of Mormon Belief" by George Handley. BYU Studies, 40:2 (summer 2001): 187-211. 

Brigham Young on the Environment from Brother Brigham Challenges the Saints.  Hugh W. Nibley

"Being Green in the Land of the Saints" High Country News. December 22, 2003. 

"Early LDS prophets had some environmental consciousness"  Mormon Times. May 25, 2008

"Sierra Club hails LDS Church for downtown Salt Lake makeover" Deseret News.  June 20, 2008

"Church honored for green efforts"  Salt Lake Tribune. June 21, 2008


Faith and the Land: Conversations about Spirituality and Wilderness.   April 10, 2008

LDS Environmental Survey Results

Latest summary of results of November 2008 survey.

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