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 And God made ...every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was good.


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What We're Reading...

Posted with the permission of his family, a eulogy for John Metzler, a gifted artist and lover of the natural world. 

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This web site was created by individuals acting on their best understanding of the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and of Earth stewardship. We do not represent or speak for the LDS Church in any official capacity, but we're doing our best to be accurate.

We savor the beauty of the Earth. We believe that we have a moral responsibility to appreciate the richness of the Earth and act as stewards of it (see D&C 59:18-20). We believe that the “earth is the Lord’s” (Psalm 24) and that it is wrong to be wasteful, disrespectful, or ungrateful for that with which we have been provided (see D&C 49:18-21).

North of Tule Lake Wildlife Refuge, photo by Don Gibbon

We recognize that because of the complex processes by which natural resources are extracted and merchandised, individual and consumer choices are often made in ignorance of environmental consequences. Our stewardship, however, can be improved by insightful and reliable information about the implications of our actions, and through collaboration with others who share our ideals.

This website provides such information through a bibliographic database, weblinks, and shared ideas, as well as resources of statements, scriptures, and other teachings that outline the foundations of stewardship in the LDS faith.

Online Community

LDS Earth Stewardship also sponsors a discussion group, a forum for exploring and promoting the principle of Earth stewardship. Through the discussion group, participants share information and personal experiences that help us better understand and practice stewardship in our own lives.

Because the principle of stewardship is too profound and fundamental to be the sole province of any particular political party, the discussion group strives to enhance the diverse expressions of the principle in the lives of Latter-day Saints. Individuals are encouraged to share insights and convictions about how they believe LDS doctrines can best be applied to their circumstances in a spirit of tolerance and collaboration.