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https://www.facebook.com/groups/471308292940586/        Please note that this is now a "Closed" group but you can request to "join."

Have you just been called to be a ward librarian?  Do teachers keep asking for materials and you don't know where they are or even if you have them?  Does your library still use the "OQ" numbering system?  One person asked for all the Christmas pictures and now everyone else wants them, too, but what can you do now since your index only covers the large pictures?  How do you find the video that you sort of remember but can't remember the name of it?  It's a new year and someone just happened to leave a big box of last year's materials and what do you do with them?  Does your library serve 2 languages and you only speak 1 of them?  Do you feel lost in "Outer Darkness"?  Does this sound all too familiar to you, the dread at the thought of going to the outdated, unorganized, unknowable ward library?

You are not alone!  Some of these questions my husband and I have just faced.  That's why this website was created and will continue to expand.  If we had the challenge of being called to serve in 3 outdated libraries in Provo, Utah, there must be others out there as well.  This is our third time in the calling and the first time we had the good fortune to have a great sister, Dianne Bjornson, who trained us well to be her replacements and also showed us where to read what we forgot from her training.  Another sister, Tamara Harris, who had previously updated another library, was called as the building's "lead librarian" and she was invaluable in the momentum and direction at getting the first library current and in usable in short order.  Here on these pages is much of the "training" we got from those wonderful sisters with hopes you can learn from it and make your callings easier.

First you must realize that being a librarian is not a punishment, nor is it sending you to "Outer Darkness," nor is it a vacation or retirement from teaching or leading. The Bishop has entrusted you to be the first in line to aid his teachers and leaders to be able to be effective in leading his flock unto Christ.  The last actions our Savior did in His mortal life were to serve His disciples and us.  You are called to SERVE.  I put that in caps because you need to realize He SERVED and His calling to you now is to follow in His service.  From Him cleansing His apostles' feet to you making the baptism program just perfect for that child, service is the same.  If you can help teachers and leaders, you are augmenting their effectiveness.  And you begin to magnify your calling.

The first Sunday in the library with the second calling, I was astonished that the library was 20 years out of date - it still used the "OQ" numbering system!  My next feeling of astonishment changed to anger.  The Spanish speaking ward had been in this building for about 25 years and was there no index of the pictures in Spanish.  There had been one as well as a check out sheet at one time, but they disappeared.  I made sign out sheets in Spanish for that ward.  It's a good thing my anger had already moved me to use the church web site to start the Spanish translation for the picture index. Two weeks later that ward had new librarians, 1 who speaks English, the other not at all and neither can read English.  It took time and a member of the bishopric aided in the translations needed to have subject labels in the index and http://www.wordreference.com/ helped me with some simple words.  The Spanish speaking members were excited to have their own index!  Now they can show any librarian the picture they want and get it.  No need for a translator! 

I know the big push is for the electronic media to spread and be used everywhere, but there are people who cannot afford the new electronic "toys."   They will have to rely on the library.   If you are trying to upgrade the equipment and supplies and are having challenges, please check out the Facebook group mentioned above, https://www.facebook.com/groups/471308292940586/ .   Sharing our successes and failures and challenges will help us all to be better able to help in the Lord's work.  We have many resources within our own libraries and I hope you will find the hidden treasures in yours and new ideas to make your calling easier, more enjoyable and more useful to the Lord.

There are so many new photographs and paintings that have been submitted to lds.org that you can print off and store in your library as hard copies or even replace the damaged ones you have. https://www.lds.org/media-library/images?lang=eng

If you still have the old Xerox in your library, did you know that many have a USB drive  into which you can insert a flash drive and PDF print files?  There is usually a square USB drive near the power button where you can hook up to a laptop as well.

Here is still another web site with LDS music for your music library that you can download for free!